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HWg Digital Input Sensoren

AirFlow sensor 5101

SL5101 calorimetric sensor detects air flow below or above a specified threshold in 1 to 10 m/s range and its output is a normally-open relay contact. The sensor needs a 24VDC power supply.

Door contact MK4

Security Door contact MK4 with 3m connection wiring. Designed for door opening detection.

Flood detector LD-12

The LD-12 flood detector is designed for detection of water leaks or detecting excessively high water level. Water detector can be connected to a dry-contact digital input (Poseidon, Damocles, I/O Controller).

Gas Leak Detector

Detector for indication of flammable gas presence. Sensor detects all types of flammable gasses (natural gas, coalgas, propane, bottle-gas, acetylene, hydrogen, etc.).

Motion PIR Detector

PIR motion detector JS-20 is designed for property protection. It uses multiple signal analyzing method. For high connectivity, the product is equipped with a free pair of terminals.

Optical Smoke Detector FDR26

Optical Smoke Detector FDR26 for smoke detection and fire alarm signalisation.



Power Detector 

detects the presence of voltage in the range between 110–230V AC. It’s digital output (DO) can be connected to all HW group monitoring devices featuring dry contact digital input (DI).

Basic features:

  • Plug-in design
  • Interchangeable wall plugs (International, EU, US and UK)
  • Galvanic insulated relay output up to 50 V / 130 mA
  • Resistance in closed status max 10 Ohm

Vibration detector SS14

SS14 is a detection device of shocks and vibrations. Is used to protect fixtures, windows, box, or any passage where is needed detect break-in attempts by vibrations or strong shocks.